Proposal for a Colloquium Series / Course in 2000) at MIT

Draft for PIT/RG and CITIDEP

15 December 96 (last updated: 25 September 99)

Pedro Ferraz de Abreu

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WHERE: At DUSP, MIT, with joint sponsorship with CIS (Center for International Studies), maybe also the Political Science Dept., and the Science, Technology and Society Program.

PROPOSED TITLE: "Citizen Participation and Information Technology: Governing the Cities in the new millennium"

PRECEDENT: Build on last Colloquium Advanced Technology and Low-income Communities


CITIDEP Objective: Contribute to build a research agenda on Information Technologies and Participatory Democracy, in particular applied to the following areas:

PIT-RG Objective: Contribute to define the field of "Information Technology and Planning" (or Informational Planning), as a theoretical, methodological area of research in Planning, and in DUSP in particular:


Current TASK FORCES on the Colloquium:

  • CITIDEP-Portugal: Teresa Sequeira Santos, José Manuel Palma, Viriato Soromenho Marques, Cristina Angelo Rebelo

  • CITIDEP-Mexico: Alejandro Natal

  • CITIDEP-USA: Clelia Guinazu, Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, Marie McHugh, Rui Ponte, Eliana Calligaris,

    with the collaboration of Kim Stevenson, Chantal Benoit-Barne' and Monica Amorim.

    If you are interested in helping to organize this Colloquium Series, write to Pedro Ferraz de Abreu