Jornadas de Sever do Vouga

Portugal, 4 - 5 October 1997

Program and Participants Photos Saturday, 4 Photos Sunday, 5 Documents and Conclusions


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House hosting CITIDEP Jornadas

(Sever do Vouga, Portugal)

Pedro's bedroom is first from the left, second floor; José Manuel, Margarida and Catarina's is next to the right...

...And its swimming pool, in the forest

(Pedro Borges, Verissimo, Eduarda, Sara, Dorita, Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, Margarida, Catarina, Guida, Joanaz, Rita, Nuno)

...with a glimpse of the mountain view (Vale do Vouga)

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Some of saturday participants taking a break, with their families

Standing up, from the left: Nuno Vieira, Sara, Pedro Borges, José Manuel Palma.

Sitting down, from the left: Rita, Guida, João Joanaz, Dorita, Margarida)

Catarina swims like a fish...

... While her mother Margarida expresses herself :)

(No, she is not yelling, she is just having fun...)

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Saturday dinner, at a local restaurant

with Sever do Vouga's special gastronomy treat: Veal and Rice in "brick and wood" oven, old fashion way

Sacra and Fana arrived Saturday night

just in time for CITIDEP Second Session of the "Jornadas"