International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies (ICPPIT-03)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

November 10-12, 2003


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NEWS: Accepted papers are being reviewed for publication in a referreed book "Public Participation and Information Technologies 03-05".

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Openning: 10, November 2003 :: 09:45-10:15 EST
KEYNOTE (Joan Blades, Jane Fountain, Pedro Ferraz de Abreu): 11, November 2003 :: 16:45-18:00 EST
CLOSING: 12, November 2003 :: 12:00-13:00 EST
Session 1: Public Access to Information
Session 2: Public Access to Information and Globalization
Session 3: e-Planning
Session 4: e-Government
Session 5: e-Planning
due to technical difficulties, no video is available for this session
Session 6: e-Government
Session 7: Teaching, Education and Arts
Session 8: e-Planning



1. Objectives


The International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies 2003 (ICPPIT03) aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the use of information technologies to support public participation, as well as researchers in fields related to participatory democracy models and information technology developments targeting public participation.

ICPPIT03 builds on the success of ICPPIT99 held in Lisbon, Portugal, October 1999 ( Since then, the combination of topics addressed by this Conference has gained even more relevance. While technology has made impressive progress and is playing an increasing role in governance, it has not necessarily brought equivalent progress in the area of public participation. Today, scientists and practitioners in this field face even greater challenges, posed by old and new problems, in a more complex and not less troubled World. We think ICPPIT03, with its updated agenda, can contribute to our understanding of these challenges and ultimately to foster better governance.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of its theme, ICPPIT03 is deliberately conceived as a meeting ground for people with very different backgrounds, from social sciences and humanities to planning and engineering. Papers on both theoretical and practical aspects of the Conference theme are welcome. All accepted papers will be published in a specially edited volume with the Conference proceedings.


2. Suggested Topics


Under the general theme of Public Participation and Information Technologies (PP-IT), papers on following topics are especially relevant:

T1) PP-IT and Globalization (e.g., PP-IT in security vs. freedoms/human rights trade-off; emigration, mobility and development policies; global climate and environmental change; IT development strategies in a global market with near-monopoly dominance in key ITCs, public interest and public role in alternative IT development/business models, open source movement);

T2) PP-IT in e-Government (e.g., PP-IT in citizen governance vs government service automation strategies, new threats to privacy and freedom of choice, new democratic models and expressions, e-democracy, role of NGOs, use of IT by grassroots, IT and social exclusion);

T3) PP-IT in e-Planning (PP-IT in urban and neighborhood planning, natural resource management, environmental impact assessment and monitoring, stakeholder-based processes, at regional and local levels);

T4) Public access to information, its production and broadcast (e.g., citizen as consumer and as producer; technologies of knowledge and access, human-computer interfacing; metadata and public standards; rights and costs; info-exclusion);

T5) PP-IT in Teaching, Education and the Arts (e.g., PP-IT in distance learning, informal education, education for foreign/migrant communities, new tools and methodologies, participatory science, participatory learning of citizenship; PP-IT in social sciences and humanities).

(abstract form)


3. Important Deadlines


- Submission of abstracts: 15 July to 22 September 2003 [closed]

- Notification of authors: 30 July to 4 October 2003

(early submissions were rewarded with early notification)

- Early registration: 20 October 2003

- Submission of full papers: 6 November 2003

- Late registration: until conference date


4. Submission of Papers


Papers must be sent by 6 November 2003.

Abstracts and papers must be in English and should be submitted on-line.

Abstract submission use the web form at: , or

, or sent by email, including exactly the same information requested in the web form, both to: and

Abstracts in final papers MUST have between 150-200 words;

Full papers should have 4 to 12 pages. Short papers (4-6 pages) will have a smaller presentation slot (or a poster) assigned. Standard papers (8-12 pages) that match well a Conference Topic will be assigned a presentation slot in a panel (15 or 20 minutes, to be determined only in the final Program, after "full paper" deadline).

Both short and standard accepted papers are eligible for publication in the Proceedings but will be subject to referee and editorial review. Check here for paper guidelines.

In the event of a difficult match between a proposed paper and ICPPIT03 topic panels, authors may be invited to present a poster at the Conference, instead of a presentation time slot in a Conference topic panel.


5. Organizing Institutions


5.1 - MIT - DUSP (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Urban Studies and Planning), USA

With the largest Planning faculty in the United States, the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning has been at the forefront of the new thinking concerning the use of technology by planners and the impacts of technology on planning. Examples include DUSP research on GIS web services, neighborhood information systems, and collaborative planning tools, and the use of these technologies to study urban spatial structure, community development, social capital formation, digital divide issues, environmental policies and urban design methods.

5.2 - CITIDEP (Research Center on Information Technologies and Participatory Democracy), Portugal ;

CITIDEP is a private, non-profit, international research institution with a multi-disciplinary network of 90 associates in 10 countries. Its headquarters are in Portugal. CITIDEP's primary objective is to study participatory democracy, in particular through the research, development and demonstration of new information technologies, of its impacts, and of ethical, social, political and planning frameworks that enable participatory mechanisms in the information society.

ICPPIT Task Force

The regular edition of this International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technology is assigned to the "ICPPIT" Task Force, founded by CITIDEP in 1998 in cooperation with several research institutions. The last edition took place in 1999, co-organized by CITIDEP and the New University of Lisbon - Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. You can order on-line its Proceedings (600 pg. Book with multimedia CD-ROM) at:


6. Conference Committees



Science Committee:

Organization Committee:


AER - Atmospheric&Environmental Research, Inc

DUSP - Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning

DCEA - Dept. Ciências e Engenharia do Ambiente

ESE - Escola Superior de Educação

IFU - Institut Francais d'Urbanisme

IPVC - Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

UNAM - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México

UA - Universidade de Aveiro

UNL - Universidade Nova de Lisboa


7. Location and Program


The Conference will take place on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA (77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA), Conference room: MIT bldg 66-110

You can check here the:

Conference social program includes a dinner (11 November, 20.00 PM) and a guided tour to MIT campus (12 November, 14.45 PM, "MIT Lobby 7" - Main entrance).

Posters will be given at least two time slots, to allow ICPPIT03 participants to read them and converse with authors, in a informal, collective time frame. More details on posters will be published in ICPPIT03 web site.

A detailed Program, with assigned presentation schedule, can only be completed AFTER the full paper deliver deadline, 6 November. However, authors that send their papers before the deadline and have strong preferences for a presentation day, may request it. We will try our best to accommodate them, but naturally we cannot be certain to do so, since we need to preserve sessions consistency. In any event, participants are strongly encouraged to attend the 2 and half conference days: ICPPIT03 unique value is precisely the exposure to this rich multi-disciplinary approach to this topic.

More information and program details and updates (keynote speakers, etc.) will be posted here, at:

Please direct any questions regarding the Conference Program to and


8. Registration and fees


Early registration (before 20 October 2003):

Late registration (after 20 October 2003):


* Professional and student fees include conference access, documentation and social program
** Partners have access only to the social program


Registration forms should be sent on-line, from:



9. Mode of payment


Payment can be made by bank check in US DOLLAR, payable to MIT, sent to ICPPIT03 secretariat at MIT:

C/o. Sue Delaney

MIT Room 9-530

77 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139


Payment can also be made on-line with credit cards, through on-line special form

Conference participants must indicate their mode of payment in the registration form. If the chosen payment mode is on-line credit card, participants must submit first the registration form, and then fill a special credit card on-line form.


10. Lodging and travel


Lodging and travel information will be handled for the Conference by the ICPPIT Secretariat.

Unfortunately, Hotels near MIT (Conference site) are busy and expensive. We were able negotiate a special rate for ICPPIT03 participants for a hotel nearby (Hotel@MIT). The reservations period at the "Hotel@MIT" has passed, but rooms at the conference rate ($189USD) may still be available, subject to overall room availability. If you are interested, please contact Christine Temling, at 617-551-0303.

We have pre-reserved also rooms at the Best Western Tria Inn in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a great rate of $89 US Dollars plus tax. You may book a room with either double or king size beds and the hotel includes a complimentary deluxe breakfast as well as pool and jacuzzi facilities. This rate is for the room so if anyone shares the room the price is halved, etc.

There is a walk to the subway station (6 to 12 minutes, depending on how fast you walk) and then it is a 15-20 minutes or less subway ride to the MIT station (Kendall). The number to call to reserve is 1-866-333-8742 and the code to use when reserving your room is ICPPIT03. This is an exceptional rate for this area.

You can try other Hotels, using the links below. You can also try to obtain a better deal from your own country travel agencies (sometimes foreign agencies get better package deals, air fare + hotel).

You can check for other hotel information here:


11. Secretariat


ICPPIT03 Secretariat

C/o. Sue Delaney

MIT Room 9-530

77 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139


Phone: (617) 253 0779

Fax: (617) 253 3625

email: please send both to and

web: *

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