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Intelligent Multimedia System for Public Consultation

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last update: 6 May 2000

Coordinator: Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, MSc. 1994 - 1997


The IMS project (Intelligent Multimedia System) has as its main goal to test and evaluate the utilization of new information technologies (IT) in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) review process, that is, in support of the Review Commission's work, and, in particular, of the Public Consultation process. The adopted case for a pilot-experience is the EIA for the proposed CTRSU (Solid Urban Waste Treatment Station) of S. João da Talha.

The chosen approach was to design, implement and use a multimedia software prototype, together with interactive Internet-based tools. The objective of this prototype was to test a set of key ideas on technology and system design (e.g. metadata, knowledge representation, inference engines, intelligent manipulation of digital video segments) and a set of hypothesis on the integration of the use of similar systems in the current work processes (intercommunication, data presentation, acquisition and analysis of expert statements and opinions). The case study has, therefore, a technological analysis component (advantages and deficiencies put in evidence by the use of the prototype and Internet environment) and a processual analysis component (advantages and difficulties in integrating the new IT in today's processes, and in the introduction of innovative models in the evaluation and public consultation processes, enabled by the new IT).

The IMS project is part of Pedro Ferraz de Abreu's Ph.D. thesis research at MIT Urban Studies and Planning Dept.


Access to project information:

This system (IMS) is installed and available: at CITIDEP; Ministry of Environment {Sec. of State, IPAMB, DGA, DRARN-LVT}; FCT-UNL; LPN; and GEOTA. Besides several communications and working papers (which can be found on the Internet, at, the main published article are:


Eng. Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, MSc. (Computer Eng., Artificial Intelligence, Planning), Project Coordinator; Prof. João Joanaz de Melo, Ph.D. (Environment), "Society and Institutions" Research Cluster Coordinator; Prof. José Palma, Ph.D. (Psychology), "Society and People" Research Cluster Coordinator; Eng. Ana Teresa Chinita, MSc. (Environment); Dr. Paula Moreno, MSc. (Biology, Ethology); Dr. Nuno Vieira, Lic. (Biology); Dr. Angela Cacciarru, Lic. (Economy); Dr. Sofia Santos, LIc. (Psychology); Eng. Deolinda Revez (Environment); Eng. Jorge Mendonça (Mechanical Eng., Quality Control); Dr. Cristina Rebelo Angelo, Lic. (Communications and Media); Idalina Barradas (Communications and Media, student). Also (non-CITIDEP team members): Eng. Madalena Presumido (Environment); Eng. Paula Gama (Environment); Eng. Luisa Nogueira (Environment); Eng. Maria João Leite (Environment); Dr. Pedro Migueis, M.D. (Medicine, Public Health); Eng. Conceição Pereira (Environment).

Funding: The Ministry of Environment (DGA) funds this project, through a protocol with the New University of Lisbon (DCEA/FCT-UNL). The Internet-based indexation of ~ 400 EIA questions / answers was funded by Valorsul.

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