Lisbon, 6 March 1999

Saturday, 6 March 1999, took place in Lisbon the last review panel for CITIDEP, the last step in the funding application public review for all portuguese Research Centers. Some colleagues had a long travel, from Viana do Castelo and even from Boston. The evening of the same day, we celebrated the end of this long 'marathon' (the review process began in 1997!).

Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, CITIDEP President, presenting Tim Sieber, CITIDEP Science Council Chair, with a gift from CITIDEP members, in recognition of his dedication and contributions

(From left to right: Alcina Martins, Fernanda Veiga de Oliveira, João Joanaz de Melo, Margarida Cabral, Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, Timothy Sieber, Fernando Sacramento, Manuel Antunes, Conceição Pinto)

Celebrating also the second anniversary of CITIDEP-CPIHTS cooperation

CITIDEP-Centro de Investigação de Tecnologias de Informação para uma Democracia Participativa

CPIHTS-Centro Português de Investigação de História e Trabalho Social

CITIDEP and CPIHTS Presidents... (Pedro and Alfredo)

Tim and Pedro exchange a toast

A few CITIDEP and friends in a "Family Photo" after dinner

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