IV "Curso livre" - Cultures of Development and Citizenship
10/11 December 2004

Organized by Gabinete de Estudos para a Educação e Desenvolvimento
da Escola Superior de Educação de Viana do Castelo (GEED-ESE-IPVC)


CITIDEP collaborated in the Module 1 (A View on Education, Development and Globalization) of this IV "Curso Livre": Elizabeth Chalinor and Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, CITIDEP researchers, contributed with two sessions, respectively "Development and Globalization: Clues for Understanding" and "The ICT, Participatory Citizenship and Development" ; Inez Agoas, student of Environmental Engineering interested in international cooperation, to whom CITIDEP granted an internship for this course, thanks to the kind support of GEED, coordinated by Júlio Santos; José Portela, CITIDEP researcher and Director of the ESE-IPVC, who welcomed the participants in name of the host Institution.
This course, an example of the great work developed by the GEED-ESE of Viana do Castelo, was a success: full of shared experiences, mutual learning and good camaraderie, after all a trade mark of those committed to foster international cooperation.
[see also CITIDEP Program Citizenship and new Technologies]

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