Mailing Lists

PUBLIC mailing lists:

Please send only relevant messages; we want to keep a low volume. Avoid sending attached files. Flames not allowed.

INTERNAL mailing lists

Internal mailing lists serve CITIDEP membership in each Chapter, for discussion and planning related to CITIDEP activity and internal organization (members only).

france@ citidep (french); mexico@ citidep (spanish); portugal@ citidep (portuguese); usa@ citidep (english); atlarge@ citidep (english)

Mail sent to all lists at the same time should be in English, and ONLY for content really relevant to all.

Please send only relevant messages and adequate for each list. Do NOT send mail not concerning directly a CITIDEP activity. Avoid sending attached files. We MUST keep a low volume in our internal lists; CITIDEP depend on them as our single communication media between our members.

If you are a member, you must register filling the on- line form visitas:

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