Proposal for Program of Activities

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(14 August 1995)

At its meeting of 8 August 1995, the executive council offered for discussion a proposal defining six areas of major concern for the Center, each to have its own specific work group.


2. Education and Training

3. Information and Documentation

4. Substantive Domains for Public Participation

5. Legislation and Institutional Reform

6. External Relations and Inter-Institutional Cooperation

1. Research:

The original proposal for constitution of the Center offered the following themes for research.

[Please note that both CITIDEP Research Goals and Plan were already updated]

2. Education and Training:

Considering the importance of new information technologies, the growing necessity for means of consultation and of public participation in democratic institutions, and the desire and the lack of knowledge of the public about these areas, training in new information technologies and participatory democracy should be emphasized as a relevant activity, able to touch and respond to the felt needs of different sectors of the population.

Thus the center will promote education and training activities, taking into account:

- Diverse audiences

- Operations: the Center will function as interlocutor with diverse entities in the following ways:

In order to realize these objectives, the associated work group will immediately proceed with the following activities:

- Compilation of existing legislation concerning training;

- Establishing of contacts with other entities interested in training;

- Survey of persons connected to the Center as to whether they are available and qualified to offer training, with the end of creating a team of trainers within the Center. As part of this, the Center ought to develop its own means of evaluating members;

- Survey of facilities and equipment that could be used by the Center for its training activities.

As a first activity in this initiative, the Center should establish its own internal course on participatory democracy and new information technologies.

3. Information and Documentation:

The Center should be dedicated to disseminating information on its activities both to the public and its own members, as a means of creating a dynamic of innovation and development in the area of new information technologies and participatory democracy, through adequate dissemination of its activities in the media. Thus, this work group should promote the following:

4. Broad Domains for Public Participation:

The following areas are relevant for the activities of the Center in this area:

Examples of activities for development:

- Completion of an assessment of broad questions related to these themes;

- Organizing of dossiers of typical cases that could serve as a base for student work, to be included in courses of study at the secondary and higher education levels.

- Fostering public debates that would touch on matters of pressing public concern;

- Fostering of research projects at the masters and doctoral levels in these areas.

5. Legislation and Institutional Reform:

The following objectives suggest themselves for this work group:

- Cooperate with a "opinion movement" towards developping legislation establishing institutional reforms responsive to the interactions between new IT and Participatory Democracy;

- The elaboration of legislative proposals and institutional reform for presentation to agents of political power.

6. External Relations and Inter-Institutional Cooperation:

It is important that a work group exists, in support of all the others, that would: visitas:

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