How to fight info-poor exclusion?

Fórum Lisboa 11-13 October 2000
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In a democratic society, everyone has to be informed to be able to exercise consciously his or her citizenship. That means nowadays the access to the information society. And what about those that cannot accede to information? In this society which role is reserved to the excluded and marginalized people? Which role shall public libraries play in promoting the right of the citizens in acceding to information and in which way these ones can and must intervene and play a role to fight against information exclusion?

Now that we are preparing a new Central Public Library in Lisbon, we would like to play a more active role, as far as this subject is concerned. So, the City Council of Lisbon, through the Libraries Division invited CITIDEP - Research Center of Information Technology for a Participatory Democracy, to organize an international Conference on "Public Libraries and new technologies: how to fight the exclusion of information-poor?", which will take place in Forum Lisboa, Portugal on the 11th, 12th and 13th October 2000. With this initiative we want to promote a debate with everyone interested in this matter.

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